If you have any questions, please first refer to the Frequently Asked Questions at http://www.med.ubc.ca/medical-student-travel-award/. Questions? Contact med.studentresearch@ubc.ca if you need additional assistance.

This travel award competition is for expenses related to participation in either:

  • An official conference or symposium (virtual or in-person) at which the student presents a paper or poster OR
  • An extracurricular research exchange occurring outside of BC (minimum 4 week duration)

All travel and conference attendance must be in support of extracurricular research activities.

Travel conducted for participation in electives (including research electives) or other curricular components (including FLEX) is not eligible for this award.

Travel to, and attendance at a conference/symposium to disseminate research, where the research was previously conducted during curricular time, is eligible as long as the conference/symposium itself is not a curricular activity.

Please review the following materials prior to starting the application: Eligibility, Submission Instructions, and Consent Form

Additional information on the MD Student Travel Award can be found on the FoM MD Student Travel Award website.

Please note that MD/PhD Students should not apply for this competition. The MD/PhD Program office oversees a travel award nomination process for MD/PhD students. For more information, contact the Program Office at md.phd@ubc.ca.

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