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This questionnaire is mandatory and must be completed by each research team member who requires access to CST Cerner for research purposes (including research scientists, but excluding MDs with staff appointments/admitting privileges at VCH). For more information on CST please visit the VCHRI Website.

Since the questionnaire is in multiple sections with different deadlines, make sure to use the 'Save & Return Later' button before leaving, and do not press 'Submit' unless you have completed the questionnaire until section 8.

Depending on your research role, you may need access to CST Cerner, including the PowerChart and PowerTrials applications.

POWERCHART is the primary place to view patient history, documents, lab results, and radiology results. Studies that have been reviewed and approved by the research ethics board may require access to information held in PowerChart. You may need access to PowerChart if you are:

  • Part of a clinical trial team;
  • Conducting observational real-time clinical research; or
  • Needing data from labs or transcriptions after the go-live date at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) in fall 2022.

POWERTRIALS is a part of PowerChart that provides functionality for individuals involved in the clinical research process, including the following:

  • Indicates to clinical teams that a patient is enrolled in a trial and prompt them to read information relevant to the care/management of that patient;
  • Indicates to clerical staff that there are additional that is research-related they must do for this patient;
  • Sends a message if your research participant presents to the Emergency Department or are admitted to inpatient;
  • Communicates information including consent, study contact info, details and documents to be printed and populated by the clinical team;
  • Provides easy access patient charts and allows access to a monitor or auditor; and
  • Adds the trial to the list of all open studies, which will be available to all MDs across live sites.

Sections 1 through 5 of this questionnaire must be completed by August 19, 2022. Please press "Save & Return Later" once you've finished until section 5. You can return and complete the questionnaires once your training is complete.

Following review and approval of the information submitted to VCHRI, the CST Learning Journey Team will send information to each approved research staff member regarding their CST Cerner Learning Journey (e.g., where to access training, what modules must be completed etc.) Expect to receive your CST Learning Journey email by September 2022.

If you run into any issues or have questions, please contact VCHRI:

Andy (Dohyung) Kim
Clinical Research Systems & Process Improvement Specialist
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
6/F, 2635 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
Email Andy.kim@vch.ca

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